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October 1, 2015

We are ECSTATIC over here because HERE IT IS // our first print publication. You may remember our Flannel, Figs & Fur shoot from last December (and if you haven’t, check it out here). It was Woven & Wed’s first ever styled shoot and a welcoming home to Minnesota. We couldn’t be more pleased to see it gracing the pages of Mingle. I (Britt) was gifted a subscription to Mingle when I first began my adventure to begin Woven & Wed – I was overjoyed when I learned that we would be featured in this volume. Mingle has evoked a lot of inspiration and dreaming, and I feel honored that something I created is now doing the same for others.

So, it is out there folks and the entire magazine is incredible – I am a little biased however that page 6-9 are the prettiest. I’m so grateful to the handful of creatives that made this happen, as well as all of you that are celebrating this monumental moment with us. If you feel so inspired, you can find the magazine at Barnes & Noble AND/OR let’s grab coffee and I guarantee you I will bring one!

Let’s do this.

“A few years had passed since I had stepped foot on Minnesota soil, and as an event planner and designer, I knew this new season needed to be celebrated. In a recent move back to my homeland after spending a season in California, I wanted to create something that reflected the beauty of Minnesota: the rustic north woods, the warm hearts of the people, and the community that I had come back to. I wanted to make a toast to Minnesota………….” (continued in Mingle Magazine, pg. 7)



photos via Lauren Kirkbride

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