Jillian & Garrett // January 17th, 2016
The decision most important to the happiness of our day was having Britt by our side throughout the journey. She is incredibly creative, caring, and intuitive. We hired her for day of coordination, however, I felt her support throughout our entire engagement. She listened to my ideas receptively and came beside me as a friend; she was interested in our story and process, not just as a client with a mounting to-do list. Her purpose was clear from the first meeting – to make sure all of the plans are the blueprint to not just our wedding, but also the beginning of weaving our lives tougher. Britt is meticulous in her planning and coordinating. She is thoughtful and problem-solved throughout our process. She was the calm & quieting voice amidst conducting vendors & staging decor. She went far beyond what was expected and held everything together. Her personableness and eagerness to bring your plans into her heart gives your day an importance that is not conceivable with anyone else. I am eternally thankful for Britt of Woven & Wed and their vision – I can credit her singlehandedly with orchestrating silently so that our love could be on display.
Emily & Mitchel // June 28, 2015

“”As a planner-oriented person myself, I was hesitant about hiring a day-of coordinator. However, as soon as I met Britt, I knew we needed her for our wedding day. Britt is incredibly talented, friendly, professional, and fun to be around. From figuring out the small details, to the actual big day–Britt made the whole process so much more fun and not to mention, smooth. Mitchel and I are thankful that we were able to relax and enjoy our wedding day, knowing that everything was in good hands. We continually tell people that hiring Britt was the best wedding decision we made!”

Katie & David // November 02, 2014

“Britt was such a crucial person to have on hand for our wedding day. She was personable, professional, and most importantly she executed perfectly every task she was asked to perform as though she had the same dream for our wedding as I have had my whole life. We were able to trust her with project after project that we had worked so hard on in the wedding planning process and she was able to see our vision and add her very creative eye for wedding design. The outcome was a very organized, seamless, and breathtaking wedding day. Even with an army of staff on hand, we could not have had my perfect day without Britt. Thank you, Woven and Wed!”

Sarah & Brad // May 02, 2014

“We were thrilled to have Britt (of Woven & Wed) be a part of our wedding adventure. From styling our engagement session to designing our invites, Britt played a significant role in making our design come to life. We especially loved her typography work and it now hangs in our home as a reminder to our incredible day. As a friend, (and part of our wedding party!) Britt’s genuine heart, encouraging words and “let’s do it!” personality, I believe, is something every bride needs on their big day. We are so thankful for all the time Britt took to be so creative, our day wouldn’t of been complete without her.”

Amy & Brandon // November 09, 2013

“Britt was a major help with all aspects of our wedding day, including both coordination and design advice. Those parts of a wedding can be extremely stressful and takes time to prepare, especially on a budget. We could not have done it without her knowledge and expertise. Her eye for design and time management made our wedding day run so smoothly. She handled all the decorating and setup with ease, and created the wedding of my dreams. It was so exciting to see all the ideas we talked about come to life.”

Wendy Huntley // Mother of the Bride

“This was our family’s second wedding … the first being totally handled by my oldest daughter and I. It was so beautiful, but very stressful trying to handle all the details and, at the same time, be present for my daughter just as her ‘Mom.’ This time, Britt of Woven and Wed handled all the wedding details perfectly. There was quite a lot of set up involved the day before and the day of my daughters wedding – everything was on time and perfectly executed. Britt kept everyone calm and on task during the set up. The ceremony itself was flawless. She made sure that everything went on as planned during the cocktail hour as the families were involved in pictures. The reception itself was STUNNING; everyone commented how beautiful the venue looked – from the table set up to the candy bar to all the chalk art that my daughter had requested.  At the end of the reception, Britt made sure that all of my daughter’s personal things were packed up in a box marked ‘Personal’ so it was not lost in all the boxes of decorations. As the mother of the Bride, being able to relax about all the details prior to the wedding – and especially the day of the wedding – was PRICELESS. Her hard work and calm, confident style made everything come off with such grace and style. I have one more daughter yet to be married, and when that times comes, we will absolutely be hiring Woven and Wed!”